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Strings review...!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Over the past few weeks, I noticed that my cello was not responding quite as fast as usual - this meant it was time to buy some new strings!

Cello strings usually last about 2 years. After this, they start to lose their resonance, become slower to speak and generally just lose a bit of sparkle.

I have played on the Standard range by Larsen for several years. But now I was looking for a warmer sound in the upper registers and a more focussed sound at the lower end.

I had read many reviews and articles, and consulted Larsen's "Sound Compass" chart, and decided on Soloists for the top two strings and Magnacores for the bottom two.

My new set of strings!

And I can say that I am so pleased with my decision!

The Soloist strings are so warm, rounded and resonant. The overtones ring on forever and it sounds like I am playing in a cathedral all the time!

The Magnacores provide a concentration and focus of sound which really helps to keep bass lines clear and concise - very helpful in ensembles!

Despite the strings coming from different ranges within the Larsen output, and their basic sound being very different; all four strings are easy to manipulate in terms of colour which allows me to create a smooth transition whilst also being able to make the most of the different qualities at each end of the instrument - proving particularly helpful in string quartet playing!

The Soloist string needed no playing in whatsoever. The Magnacores have taken a bit more time, with the G string being the last to settle, however I am looking forward to being able to consolidate the playing in process next week during our rehearsals for the next UGSO project.

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